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Heroic Viticulture and Natural wine

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

High altitudes, tremendous temperature shifts steepness and a land rich in volcanic rocks .

Your feet never hit straight on a vineyard on Etna

We call it "Ripiddu" and this is one of the secrets of high quality wines on such altitudes.

The light is refracted by those stones thus talking about diffused light.

Not only that during hot season days they reach high temperatures thus securing correct phenolic maturation in presence of low temperature due to high shifts from day and night

And that is another element that makes our vintner work rougher :

the cold coming from north, from Etna

Mountain temperature assure a more natural cultivation and the preservation of prefilloxera grapes but also the elegance to be found on Etna wines is mainly due to the cold temperatures lso present in oktober during fermentation of the wines.....of which we will talk in another post

Alberello vineyard forces us not only to do pretty everything manual but also to harvest manually and walk long distances carrying a weight of 18kg per case.....

all in all a very #heroicagriculture #naturalwine

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